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Sydney here we come.

Did we have this much bagage, just call me a sea side donkey.

(the hotel we were staying at was recomended by a fellow TPer James)
Set off from the Gold coast on our way to Sydney, only 3 days here so best make the best of it Garry lad. hey wonder if the James guy will turn up for a beer ????? Hope the Hotel is ok he recomended ???
Off the plane and into a taxi to our Pub/ hotel The Australian Hotel.
not too bad James,
In the right spot. The Rocks...Right next to the Sydney bridge, and bet I could throw a stone to the Opera house too. What more did we need for 3 days.
Unpacked and had a beer in the pub then off we went, took all of 5 mins to get to the opera house and about 3 mins to get onto the Sydney bridge from our little pub. and it did meals, mainly pizza sounds good to me.
Over the bridge we went and over to the otherside, found a little place to buy food from and we had a picnic looking over towards the Opera house and Sydney bridge. What a veiw, the sun was shining what more could we want.
Following day we got up and had breakfast then hit the ferrys,we went to Manly. And that was a nice trip in itself about 30 mins on the ferry, we walked through manly to the Surfing beach.
from there we turned right and took a walk along the sea front to a little beach where we spent the afternoon, not sure but I thing they called the walk to the beach, the cabbage patch bay walk. I think.
then in the afternoon we were invaded with school kids having there surfing and swimming lessons, wish I was one of them, it made us smile and wish that our kids had been given the same bringing up. But for that we needeed the weather.
Had lunch in Manly square under the trees before setting back to Sydney. late afternoon Hilary took me shopping (my favourate pastime.....NOT ) but with it being Sydney it was a change and Imanaged to keep my head.
Following day we hit the ferrys again, they are fantastic value, you can get like a day or week rover which alows you to ride the ferrys, the trains and the busses till your hearts content.and there is even a monorail to have a go on. Well my Hilary wanted to go on the lot, so we did!!!
We went to Darling Harbour, The Sydney aquarium and walked all over the city too. But 3 days goes fast and it was our last night in Sydney before we picked our Mobile home up for 8 nights.
Tonight was the night that that James Chappy was coming over for a beer, wonder if he will turn up.
Yep he did, we had chatted on the TP and Emailed but that was it. We met and we were like old friends and chatted away while sinking a few beers, we talked about most things, how was our trip, where had we been and were we were going next, oh even mentioned Isa....your ears picked up now Gretchen....he he he, all nice stuff dont worry, ok mentioned Kriss too.
It was at that point that as a yorkshire man I got a little giddy.
(For those who dont know we are a little carefull with our money, some relation to the Scotish i think). I must have had a rush of blood and bought the beers, twas only afterwards that I reflected on what I had done and my bottom lip started quivering and I started to shake as I checked my money purse to see how much it had spent.............no that was a joke, The night went well and to be honest if it had not been for James and a few more fellow TPers I would not be doing this blog.
I asked myself why would someone go out of there way and help someone they dont know, someone that they would never meet ??????? it just shows the caliber of the people who use this site and how kind people can be.
I said to myself and at this point, If I can help anyone or pass on information I will do, The blog seemed to be the best way to do this, just hope someone reads it as the kis at home think im mad tapping away on the computer, and kepp calling me a saddo.
At this point I would like to thank a few people for all there advice and sugestions and good wishes who have all helped make my trip a fantastic trip. James,Gretchen and Kriss, Pauline, Flo, and Claire all who have given time and effort which have made our trip the trip of a life time i thank you all. and anyone else who have helped and i have missed, sorry for not giving you a mention.
Right Garry lad, get your Hilarys cases and pick up that Motor home and get in the Blue mountains in the morning.
Sydney opera house from the bridge.
Sydney bridge.Nice place for a picnic.
I held my breath till the shark passed........God im brave !!!!!
Bloody Hell whats all the red shirts for !!!!! surf and swimming lessons.
veiw from the Opera House looking at the city.
Our hotel/Pub was just out of the picture top right above the boat.

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Brisbane Next

Suitcases packed,Dont forget your netto bag garry lad!!!!

Brisbane next,
booked the flights back in the uk, got a good deal I think cost me about £95.00 for the 2 tickets from Cairns to Brisbane, nice flight tmes so off we went.
I had been chatting on the email over the last few months to my parents best friends who went out to Australia 38 years ago, they live in Sanctory cove, They offerd to put us up for the week, little scairey, not seen them from being a little lad,I feel excited about staying with them. So off to the airport we went. When we got off the plane at Brisbane and picked up my hire car for the week at the airport, made our way to Sanctory Cove........Gulp we both thought, another world here,all behind closed doors, a village with waterside views, very nice, loads and loads of dosh about everyone had big houses, boats and swimming pools, golf buggys to run around in throughout the day. We Knocked on their door and was greated as old friends, just like we had known each other all our lives, that was fantastic, we settled in and were given guest bedrooms to die for.gin and tonic and wine in the afternoon you know how it goes, my poor Hilary doe not drink but she did me proud and never complained and did her best with the drink, after a couple of days we brought them down to our level. We were on beer.
They showed us round the area south of Brisbane for a couple of days then off we went in our little hire car to explore.
Runaway Bay, Surfers Paradise and down as far as Tweed Head and the lighthouse on the point.
All the suefers hang out on the point of the bay and wait to catch there dream wave while the shools of Dolphin swim past. what a sight.
Runaway Bay, nice, the pelicans all in the little bay and could not belive how graceful they could be.
Surfers Paradise a little busy for us but Tweed Head was a lovely sight.
Tanborine mountain was nice, lovely ride up and nice walks in the forest there with waterfalls. just round the corner there is a fantastic view over the countryside where all the hand gliders take off from.
we even went to the opera in the park at Paradise point. this was a lovely evening, all the opera stars go there 4 times a year and put on a performance. we were well impressed with the evening.
the next day it was the markets,,,,what a contrast.
The week went all too fast, dinner partys the lot. but time to go and get on with our next part of the trip and tie up with a fellow TPer in Sydney so it was pack them bags again Garry lad and off to the gold coast airport.
Runaway Bay
Tanboureen Mountain....would you jump off this ????
Cant Knock the beaches can you !!!!!
Fingal Head.

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Cairns next stop.

3 cases and a netto bag.

Well this is it,
up we got and had a good breakfast as we had a long trip ahead of us. The only thing I was worried about was.....did we have the right sort of clothes in our 3 little suitcases,,,,and my netto bag, yep I could carry mine in the netto bag !!!!! no thats not fair, Hilary did all the packing and sorting out along with the important things like handbag with all the travel information in, shes good at that and the passports were tucked away nicely.
all ready now.
Hmmmm electronic ticket,,,,Visa, (nothing to see they said, all the information was on computer linked to your passport), a couple of doubts creeping in here garry lad. What if there is something wrong, you know how it goes. "Bugger it I thought" lets get off.
Manchester to Heathrow 1 hour, Heathrow to Hong Kong 11 1/2 hours, steady 4 hour wait in Hong Kong before our 11 hour trip to Cairns.
Hey we made it.....eyes like pee holes in the snow but in one piece.
Stayed in a B&B in Kewarra Beach, Fantastic,next to Palm Cove about 20 mins north of Cairns.
We hired a car for the week and started looking around the area.
Daintree trip was a little dissapointing just a little village on the river, no crocs on the river trip, but the following day we went to Cape Tribulation which included a trip over the Daintree river, the beaches and views were great.
Sky Rail at Kruanda.....DO NOT MISS THIS....Over the Rainforest.
Several ways to do it, Gondolla, Train, Coach or a mixture of them. We went on the Sky Rail Gondolla both ways. The views were out of this world and never to be forgoten. The trip from start to the far enn of the Sky rail took about 2 hours as we stopped at the intersections and looked at the Rainforest and water falls and all the rest of the magnificent views. Once at the far end there is a nice village to look round and several lovely walks through the Rain forest with lots to see, including a Bat Sanctuary which was intresting, with the size and number of bats we saw in Australia we had to call in.
The Mossman Gorge. this is another DO NOT MISS....the walk round the Rainforest was stunning with waterfalls and majestic trees which look to grow miles high, take a picnic and you can make this a full day trip.
The Tablelands, We did not see too much of these although we did come back from the Mossman Gorge via the Tablelands down into back down to Cairns. it was a nice car ride with some very nice views.
Hilary totaly shocked me when she said she would like to go on a boat trip on the Great Barrier Reef.
Off we went to a recomanded boat and had the most fantastic day ever.
We got on the boat at 08:30 in the morning and got off the boat at 5:30 at tea time and the day was a blur.........Had we missed anything....no i dont think so Garry lad think we saw the lot.
The day started by boarding the boat with toatl strangers...being divided into people who wanted to snorkell or scuba dive, (dont underestimate the snorkelling)
We did the snorkelling, the guy who did the presentation and introduced us to the crew and infact everything you wanted to know about snorkelling was fantastic, funny and very informative, the whole of the trip out he talked us through what was going to happen and what to do while snorkelling, he put everyone at ease.
we were to have 3 hour long snorkells in the Agincourt System. Wreck bay, Blue Lagoon and Just magic, and can i say they wre just magic.
I had snorkelled before but not Hilary.
The first stop was the most memorable one, me in the water with my rented underwater camera (was i going to shoot some photos) shouting to Hilary come on wet in the water, im on my way she replied, when she finaly got in the water and swam over to me all she had to do was put her mask on and in with the snorkell. The first ever look under water for Hilary was followed by muffled screams,,,,,,God what was she on about...I looked into the water and Gorden Bennet (well in fact i thought Fxxxxx Hell) its a shark about 4 ft long, armed with only the underwater camera I took my best shot,,,snap, got him, on my camera too.
I waited in antisipation.....i thought if my Hilary is getting out so are you Garry lad.....she stayed in the water and never made another muff about the sight.
we took picutes of everthing we could and about 200 of them. ranging from the shark to little nemo in his little underwater home.
what a fantastic day we had.
The trip to Australia had been worth it if we did not see anything else and turned round and went home now......PLEASE DONT MISS A DAY LIKE THAT.
Cairns....big city...plenty to do...Eating out ..loads of places where do we eat.
My Hilary came good again. (she is a very plain eater to say the least) lets go to the night market she said, Me ill eat anything the night markets were great value. fill your plate with anything from $6 upwards. we went about 3 times and never had a bad meal.
Well time was running out and our next leg of our trip involved a flight to Brisbane.....back to the B&B and pack pack lad.

up to now everything was perfect,,,,not a bad thought to be had.
garry 226.jpg
Barrier Reef, come on lass get in the water !!!

garry 002.jpg
Barrier Reef. the Shark !!!!!! should we still be in the water ? Hilary if you get out im out too.

garry 078.jpg
Big fish

garry 063.jpg
Little Nemo
Sky Rail over the Rain forest
Sky Rail over the rain forest.....yep its high.
the old didgy camera !!!! little joey was stood next to mum when I took the photo.

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Australia or bust

Where to go ????

after weeks of searching and asking questions not only at home and on TP for intresting places to see and nice places to go while in OZ, my Dad reminded me of his best pal of some 40 years ago who now lives in Brisbane,
After countless emails and telephone calls i finaly located him and now lived in Sanctory Cove, Brisbane. he also gave me the benifit of his experiences of the country. Oh and the offer of a week at his house and the chance to say hello to someone i had not spoken to or seen for over 35 years, Thats it I thought come on lad take your hilary to OZ (hilary my wife).
Cairns was to be the first port of call,
Then Brisbane and the chance to meet my Dads best pal was next on the agenda, i was now buzzing about the trip.
Then Sydney, and now after chatting to quite a few people on TP I also had a Mr James Hamilton to meet,,,Hes a local Sydney lad Who wears a suit, and has a well paid responsible job in the city.
(ok that James). had I somehow lost my way as a true Yorkshire man ?....... I promised to buy James a drink or too. Im still coming to terms with that and having sleepless nights too James, buying drinks, whats up with you Garry lad.
The Blue Mountains, This is my Hilarys bit,,,The motor home and the reason we were going to Australia in the first place, another young lady from TP gave me some fantastic information regarding the Blue Mountains, thank you Pauline.
we would travel from Sydney to the Blue Mountains make our way back to Brisbane via the Hunter Valley and then up the coast back to Brisbane before going home.
The best I could manage was 1 month in total to see a little bit of Australia so had to pick my route and places to see carefuly.
Before Hilary could have second thoughts about the trip i booked the flights out.Why not were only here once I thought go on spend your brass,
Not only had i booked the flights to australia I booked internal flights from Cairns to Brisbane, and from Brisbane to Sydney, God I was on a roll here, I found myself throwing caution to the wind and even booking a Mobile home.
Thats it theres no going back now Garry lad. 2nd of Nov to 2nd of Dec.
Australia here we come.
yes Hilary and I met up with James Hamilton in Sydney for beers and pizza. if you look closely you can see my bottom lip quivering as i had to buy the beers.

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Australia,,,Hmm Why not.

Where do we go for our silver wedding.

Well 25 years married and not sure what to do for our silver wedding, I thought we sould do something special, then one of my kids said, "Hey dad Mum has always wanted to travel a little in a motor home in Australia".
I stood back in amazement. Well she never told me i said. "I thought Hells Bells thats not going to be much fun" (but how wrong i was)
So off i went looking for information about Australia.
Thats what brought me to Travellerspoint searching for information for our trip and this is my story of our littlr trip down under.
somewhere around the mossman gorge.

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