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Sydney To The Blue Mountains Via Penrith.

The Bloody Carpark !!!!!!!

Up early, and had an extra piece of toast as I was doing the driving when we picked the motor home up.
Taxi from our digs at the pub to pick the Motor home up....near the airport, god the roads were busy, I told Hilary that there was no way was I driving a Great big motor home through Sydney in that traffic !!!!!!scarey or what.
We picked the motor home up and within 5 mins we were lost.....
"Gordon Bloody Bennet" we were passing the hire shop again for the second time where we picked up the Bloody Motor home from!!!!!! looks like we will be spending our 8 nights riding round Sydney or trying to make our way out of it.
Woe Woe Woe thats a sign for the Blue Mountains.(and only passed the hire place twice)
All looks good now keep your eyes on the road and follow that sign for the Blue Mountains Garry lad,,,,,,
(Pauline gave me the information for this bit of the trip, 3 sisters, chuff me,,,, I had 2 sisters at home i must be mad)
Ah the open road, nowt to it now Hilary just keep your eye on the signs......Penrith,Penrith, Hey thats where my best mates aunty Dot lives !!!!!! and we have to go through it to get to the Blue mountains, Hmmmmm I wonder, dare we visit, No we had no contact number anyway.
Got to Penrith and we stopped to go to the super market to fill up the fridge in the motor home...and a few tinnies too, The parking was a nightmare, yep a bloody nightmare !!!!!! I tried to park in a multi storey carpark that was not high enough for me to get the Mobile home into .........Great big sign that could not be seen from the road 2.1 mtr height ristriction Fxxxk the motor home was 2.4 mtrs high (thats what it said on the sticker on the windscreen), I could risk it and come out with a open top motor home ??????
best not. Not only could I not get the motor home in the carpark to get the bloody thing out,
I had to reverse out of the bloody carpark into the middle of some trafic lights that was on a dual carrage way, tempers got a little fraid here, 42 degrees it was......people shouting "get in mate and do a U turn", but there was no way was the Motor home going in and coming out the same height.
(thanks for the advice mate) Im shouting at the top of my voice in broad yorkshire "the vans too bloody high" (that was the censored version).
No the only way out was, yes, the way I came in !!!
I have to reverse out with my Hilary trying to stop the traffic or was she shouting stop to me ????
Bugger it get on with it Garry lad its the only way !!!!! so i did. I managed to stop all the traffic while I heard ozzy shouts of encouragement (I think) anyway after what seemed like 1/2 hour of trying to get out of the car park We did it...Hilary jumped in the motor home while still rolling with a red face an preceeded to give me an ear full for getting us into that situation !!!
Me, well I cursed my best mate Bob, it was his aunt Dot we were going to see !!!! his ears must have been burning, I cursed him and cursed him again for not being able to get the Motor home in or out of the mouth of the carpark.........not his fault but he seemed the best person to blame at the time.
"See no problems" I said to Hilary once back on the road (see im picking up the lingo now).
Finaly got a carpark with no height barrier and got parked.
Well once in the supermarket would you belive it,,,,the old moblie phone goes, its my mate Bob!!!!! God you have some bottle ringing me now mate I told him,,,,whats up he said ,so I told him about the parking, he just found it very funny.
Hey I said what you ringing me at this time its 12:30 pm back in the UK,,,,just wanted to know if you were calling at my aunty Dots......timimg eh. I told him we were in Penrith and he said , dont move !!!!! within 30 mins his aunty Dot was here taking us for a coffee and a beer, she did not even know me but becouse I knew Bob she could not do enough for me....Aunty Dot many thanks and we love you to bits.
Sorry i was digressing a little there.
Left Aunty Dot and headed for The Blue Mountains.
Bet it takes some parking Garry lad, bigger than what you think!!!!
just big enough for 2....and ive kept it clean.

Posted by garry moll 11:36

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