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Cairns next stop.

3 cases and a netto bag.

Well this is it,
up we got and had a good breakfast as we had a long trip ahead of us. The only thing I was worried about was.....did we have the right sort of clothes in our 3 little suitcases,,,,and my netto bag, yep I could carry mine in the netto bag !!!!! no thats not fair, Hilary did all the packing and sorting out along with the important things like handbag with all the travel information in, shes good at that and the passports were tucked away nicely.
all ready now.
Hmmmm electronic ticket,,,,Visa, (nothing to see they said, all the information was on computer linked to your passport), a couple of doubts creeping in here garry lad. What if there is something wrong, you know how it goes. "Bugger it I thought" lets get off.
Manchester to Heathrow 1 hour, Heathrow to Hong Kong 11 1/2 hours, steady 4 hour wait in Hong Kong before our 11 hour trip to Cairns.
Hey we made it.....eyes like pee holes in the snow but in one piece.
Stayed in a B&B in Kewarra Beach, Fantastic,next to Palm Cove about 20 mins north of Cairns.
We hired a car for the week and started looking around the area.
Daintree trip was a little dissapointing just a little village on the river, no crocs on the river trip, but the following day we went to Cape Tribulation which included a trip over the Daintree river, the beaches and views were great.
Sky Rail at Kruanda.....DO NOT MISS THIS....Over the Rainforest.
Several ways to do it, Gondolla, Train, Coach or a mixture of them. We went on the Sky Rail Gondolla both ways. The views were out of this world and never to be forgoten. The trip from start to the far enn of the Sky rail took about 2 hours as we stopped at the intersections and looked at the Rainforest and water falls and all the rest of the magnificent views. Once at the far end there is a nice village to look round and several lovely walks through the Rain forest with lots to see, including a Bat Sanctuary which was intresting, with the size and number of bats we saw in Australia we had to call in.
The Mossman Gorge. this is another DO NOT MISS....the walk round the Rainforest was stunning with waterfalls and majestic trees which look to grow miles high, take a picnic and you can make this a full day trip.
The Tablelands, We did not see too much of these although we did come back from the Mossman Gorge via the Tablelands down into back down to Cairns. it was a nice car ride with some very nice views.
Hilary totaly shocked me when she said she would like to go on a boat trip on the Great Barrier Reef.
Off we went to a recomanded boat and had the most fantastic day ever.
We got on the boat at 08:30 in the morning and got off the boat at 5:30 at tea time and the day was a blur.........Had we missed anything....no i dont think so Garry lad think we saw the lot.
The day started by boarding the boat with toatl strangers...being divided into people who wanted to snorkell or scuba dive, (dont underestimate the snorkelling)
We did the snorkelling, the guy who did the presentation and introduced us to the crew and infact everything you wanted to know about snorkelling was fantastic, funny and very informative, the whole of the trip out he talked us through what was going to happen and what to do while snorkelling, he put everyone at ease.
we were to have 3 hour long snorkells in the Agincourt System. Wreck bay, Blue Lagoon and Just magic, and can i say they wre just magic.
I had snorkelled before but not Hilary.
The first stop was the most memorable one, me in the water with my rented underwater camera (was i going to shoot some photos) shouting to Hilary come on wet in the water, im on my way she replied, when she finaly got in the water and swam over to me all she had to do was put her mask on and in with the snorkell. The first ever look under water for Hilary was followed by muffled screams,,,,,,God what was she on about...I looked into the water and Gorden Bennet (well in fact i thought Fxxxxx Hell) its a shark about 4 ft long, armed with only the underwater camera I took my best shot,,,snap, got him, on my camera too.
I waited in antisipation.....i thought if my Hilary is getting out so are you Garry lad.....she stayed in the water and never made another muff about the sight.
we took picutes of everthing we could and about 200 of them. ranging from the shark to little nemo in his little underwater home.
what a fantastic day we had.
The trip to Australia had been worth it if we did not see anything else and turned round and went home now......PLEASE DONT MISS A DAY LIKE THAT.
Cairns....big city...plenty to do...Eating out ..loads of places where do we eat.
My Hilary came good again. (she is a very plain eater to say the least) lets go to the night market she said, Me ill eat anything the night markets were great value. fill your plate with anything from $6 upwards. we went about 3 times and never had a bad meal.
Well time was running out and our next leg of our trip involved a flight to Brisbane.....back to the B&B and pack pack lad.

up to now everything was perfect,,,,not a bad thought to be had.
garry 226.jpg
Barrier Reef, come on lass get in the water !!!

garry 002.jpg
Barrier Reef. the Shark !!!!!! should we still be in the water ? Hilary if you get out im out too.

garry 078.jpg
Big fish

garry 063.jpg
Little Nemo
Sky Rail over the Rain forest
Sky Rail over the rain forest.....yep its high.
the old didgy camera !!!! little joey was stood next to mum when I took the photo.

Posted by garry moll 09:45

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I'm impressed!!! Fantastic photos too. Mental note to self.....hire underwater camera next time I snorkel!! Well done.

by pmorrison

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