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Back to Brisbane.

Well its nearly over !!!!!!

Well I can’t believe are month in Australia is nearly over.
All we had to do was make our way back to Brisbane and drop off the mobile home. Which we did after only a few hours drive, mobile home dropped off and new little car picked up for the last two days in Australia before we go home.
Sunshine coast that’s where we will go, seen plenty of the gold cost and I had been given a little place to visit called Dickies Bay.
Don’t know how we got there, as we had no map we just went off the main highway and rolled into Dickies Bay, luck or what.
Booked in for our last two nights in oz and was a little sad that our stay was coming to a close.
But hey what a place to stay for the last two days we really enjoyed it,

nice place to chill for the last couple of days.

the beach was lovely and we even walked to the next beach where I did a spot of fishing moffat bay I think they called it, see what you think.

yep that me in the surf fishing.

We visited the surf club on the evenings for a lovely evening meal and did our last bit of gift shopping, well to be honest we had not had time to do or buy gifts so looks like the family at home will have to make do with what we have already bought them.
Well the last two days went all too quickly and before we knew it we were back at Brisbane airport for our trip home.
We just chilled out on the beach for the last two days and was very unfortunate not to have met another TPer who had given Hilary and myself the information about not only the blue mountains but several other places too including Dickies Bay which she says is a favourite place for her family (thanks Pauline, Sorry we missed you and Graham and many thanks for the information you gave me hope the house is coming along ).
Ill not bore you with the details of flights and trip home.
But I will take this last chance to thank everyone from the Travellerspoint gang for all the encouragement, information and well wishes for our trip, all the people that took us in while over there, many many thanks to George and Mollie in Brisbane (you made our stay a fantastic one, all our love to you and all the family) and all the friends who took us in.

It was the fact that you guys on tp and especially Pauline and James from Sydney that inspired me to write this blog, sorry about the many spelling mistakes but as you know that’s me all over, I just hope that the information and photos help someone on the trip to Australia.
I do know this, we will be going back. and for anyone who is thinking of going or may be put off by the distance and time it takes to get there,,,,,,,,,,,,
It’s worth every minute of it
Hilary and Garry.

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Lennox Head next.

Lennox Head via Red Rock

Well with what we had seen of the east coast of oz both Hilary and myself thought we had seen the best, but not so !!!!!!
first time we had run into any bad weather on our holiday , so we thought if we had to travel why not travel while the weather is bad, off we went.
We made our way up the coast road and Hilary had a wish to call off at a place called Stuarts Point....cant tell you why, just that she likes Home and Away ......and Alf stuart likes it up there ???? (sorry guys but this must be a women thing).

Any way we called in and would have stopped off for the odd night around the area or even Nambucca Heads but it seemed as we were traveling up the coast the rain was following us, so we pressed on, in fact the weather kept with us till we got to Coffs Harbour so we only managed a quick look at the pier then we moved out.....sorry Coffs Harbour we did not do you justice.

But the upside of missing Coffs Harbour was that we stumbled on a little place called Red Rock.........only small but I tell you DO NOT MISS. a little jewel.
great little place which if we had not been told would never have stumbled on to, no way! it was about 15 miles from the main coast road and only went to Red Rock.
Red Rock was quite to say the least and the camp site only had about 6/7 campers on the site. it was a nice little river which ran into the sea and there was a lovely sand bar when the tide was out, and just over the hill about 200 yards was the most fantastic beach ever, it went for miles ,with no one on, and no one in sight.....


we stayed there the night but the rain followed the next morning and with the first spot of rain off we went again up the coast with Brisbane in our sights.
We got to Ballina and to be honest the place looked realy nice too and while looking for a camp site we stumbled on Lennox Head.
we had 2/3 days there and to be honest this place is second to none we parked our motor home about 50 yards off the beach, (and this is getting boring now you guys in oz ) the beach went on for miles and miles then miles again. for those that likes a bit of sport the hand gliding was on the hill just outside Lennox Head, the surf was good but the fishing crap.....then again I think that was me.

one point I will make is....Hilary was reading the national paper last week and a surfer was attacked on the same beach....gulp gulp !!!!!

But then what do you expect me to catch when I was hamperd with 2 sea eagles that kept swooping for my bait....yep eat your heart out those of you that like the sight of eagles. sorry about the photo and it was only about 20 feet above me.


We walked miles on the beach first thing on a morning.

Hey we even had a fresh water lake to swim in only 25 yards from the motor home......even though it seemed a little strange,,,,,,,the water
was a deep red colour, the colour came from the tea trees all around the lake and the water was supsoed to be good for you ?????? hope you ozzies were not taking the mickey !!!!!!
I guess this was the best camping spot we had stopped in while touring with the motor home..........then again they were all good.
We where only a few miles out of Byron bay too and went there a couple of times, nice place but to be honest we liked Lennox Head better but here are a couple of photos of the lighthouse at Byron bay and the beaches both north and south of Byron bay.



the veiw from the lighthouse towards Byron bay.


this was the view looking from the lighthouse towards Lennox head.
but alas we had to head for Brisbane and return the motor home.....Brisbane next.

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North Haven Next

Blue mountains to North Haven

Well up we go, had a nice breakfast then planned our route out of the blue mountains, we were hamperd a little with the bush fires that were curently raging so decided to make for the coast.
Hunter valley Via Wisemans Ferry was the route we chose, (ok then a friend suggested it) nice trip and some lovely places down the Hunter valley but we needed to press on, I was a little confused but we had to cross on a ferry to get to Wisemans ferry, this threw me off a little (blonde moment)but the trip was nice taking in some lovley views along the way.
Wisemans ferry apeared out of the blue,,,,big river too and was not expecting the place to be so nice.

this is the veiw on the ferry we used to get to wisemans ferry.

on the ferry crossing at wisemans ferry.

some nice bush and landscapes followed but we needed to press on to a camp site.
Singleton was the place we ended up. sorry Singelton but we rushed through a little and we did not give the place the time it needed for us to see things,
Following morning we set off for the coast again and finaly made it to North haven.
What a camp site, lovely place in fact we stayed 2 nights.
There was a cracking beach and estuary where I could not resist the tempation of having a go at fishing.

yep, sorry for those of a faint disposition, I should have given a warning!!!! thats me fishing.

I must have looked like I knew what I was doing, unless the Pelican came to laugh at me.

even the dolphins came to laugh at me. sorry for the poor picture but catching a dolphin with a didgy camera.....not on.

Yes i put all the fish back, we went to the supermarket and bought meat for the barbie honest.

Can i just say at this point, the Barie facilertys where second to none,

back in the uk we had never seen the likes and we found the Barbies to be great fun.
Even Hilary thought they where spot on and also enjoyed my cooking,,,,,its a mans thing the barbie.
we did quite a lot of walking on the beach and even walked from the camp site round to Laurieton I think they called the other side of the estuary,,,,,,God my Hilary made me have it with the walking that day. and it was red hot too.
could not fault North Haven and hope it stops like that forever.
We had to retire to the bowling club for lunch and beers that evening, we were getting into the swing of things now.

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Blue Mountains, Three Sisters.

What no train!!!!!!!!!!

Well thats it nothing else can go wrong after the carpark, we set off for the Blue Mountains and I had a couple of places to visit recomended by Friends and a fellow TP,er. (Thank you Pauline from Ipswich.thank you for taking time out to respond to my emails).
we set off in our motor home nice and steady, up to the Blue mountains, well not much of a mountain I said to Hilary more like a big hill, but some nice veiws on the way and even had time to stop for coffee, nice this pull up anywhere and get the kettle on.
We needed to find a place called Katoomba,(I think !!!) Hilary was on top form with her map reading, we finaly pulled up at the Caravan park at the Three Sisters, paid our dues and took a look around.
Football/Rugby pitch and a little cafe over the road did not seem to be too much to see. Had to look round and find the nearest bottle shop.
God the car park had a height ristriction on it too!!!!!!
"Huh once bitten, twice shy I thought", old Garrys not going in there ive seen the trailer.
Parked elsewhere, got my bottles then away.(always nice to stand in the cold room where the beer is kept).
Then went back to the Three Sisters Camp site.
We thought we would take look at the veiw over the road.
but it was getting late afternoon. Went anyway.
Well Which way do we go ?? not sure just went down a path and all of a sudden from behind the bush was a vast Canyon.
Hundreds of feet wide and could not guess how deep and how far is went back in the bush, what a veiw, honest it takes your breath away.
There was a Sky rail running from one side to the other at the top and there was even a train that could take you down to the base of the walk and bring you back.
Thats it I said lets walk down and catch the train back up (you see Im built for comfort not speed),
But be careful warning Hilary "Pauline said she fell on her way down" in fact translated to broad Yorkshire I said "Pauline went arse over tit" (no honest those were notPaulines words they were mine).
We could not wait to set off, there were little paths off the main track down the walk to some nice veiwing spots, heres one.
Three Sisters nice eh!!!!! The photos dont do not give the veiw justice.
I Will say some of the steps cut in the rock for the walk down were well dodgy, at one point there was a couple of sets of steps which you could almost call ladders and were bolted into the rock with rusty old bolts Hmmmmmmm, "you ok Hilary" I said as we were going down, she really put her mind to it and once again I could not belive she was scaling down a rusty set of steps with a drop of what looked like hundres of feet below us.....The white parrots flying all over from tree to tree bellow us, and could be seen in the tree tops, totaly weather was totaly differant from the Rain forest in Cairns a lot dryer, as we desended the lower we got, the cooler it was, we were in the shade and that was nice, we went along another path to veiw a water fall, (eh in the middle of the mountains where forest fires were raging water fall !!!)
Not much water but you could see imagine if there was rain.
We enjoyed every step down the walk and in total with the divertions on the little veiwing paths it took us about an Hour and Half to walk down and enjoyed it all.
Just about at the bottom now I said to Hilary, bet we get some nice photos on the way back up on train eh!
Just as i said that a young couple were coming back up the path from the base of the mountain. In my best ozzy accent I said with a big cheesy grin. "gooday mate" (hey told you I was getting good at the ozzy phrases) "What time is the next train", (the one that takes you back up, bet he was well impressed with my accent or thought I was local)
"sorry mate the last train was at 4:30" GULP!!!!!!GULP!!!!!BLOODY GULP!!!!!!
soon brought my broad yorkshire accent back and knocked any sort of smile off old Garrys face. "Your joking" "your bloody joking" I said. then i looked at them with eyes like a puppy dog.....
"no mate the trains stopped running"
I put on a brave face and pretended the walk back up did not bother me,,,,, I said "cheers mate"
as soon as he got out of sight I turned to Hilary and nearly broke into tears,,,,,,"the bloody trains stopped running" the bloody trains stopped running" at this point you tend to look for someone to blame dont you. One thought came to mind (Pauline if I have a Chuffing heart attack on the way back up you can get ready!!!!!only joking Pauline)
Well we both looked one another and Hilary said "and you know how fast it drops dark" that was true we needed top get back up the mountain a.s.a.p.
come on lass I said as we set off back up them steps,,,,,,and there were a very, very, lot of steps too, we did not bother with the sights on the way back up, only stopping to sit on the odd rock to catch our breath now and again, and have a little drink of water. (well thats if I could hold my hand steady enough to get the bottle near my lips). anyway i could not have taken any photos on the way up as my hands and legs were shaking like mad......it was probley the speed we assended at, in fact we came back up the mountain that fast we were in fear of getting the bends!!!!!
Well we landed back at the top of the mountain with a sigh ill tell you, Got a nice shower and had to steady myself with a couple of cold ones.
But dont miss it it was a fantastic experiance and one we will remember all our lives.

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Sydney To The Blue Mountains Via Penrith.

The Bloody Carpark !!!!!!!

Up early, and had an extra piece of toast as I was doing the driving when we picked the motor home up.
Taxi from our digs at the pub to pick the Motor home up....near the airport, god the roads were busy, I told Hilary that there was no way was I driving a Great big motor home through Sydney in that traffic !!!!!!scarey or what.
We picked the motor home up and within 5 mins we were lost.....
"Gordon Bloody Bennet" we were passing the hire shop again for the second time where we picked up the Bloody Motor home from!!!!!! looks like we will be spending our 8 nights riding round Sydney or trying to make our way out of it.
Woe Woe Woe thats a sign for the Blue Mountains.(and only passed the hire place twice)
All looks good now keep your eyes on the road and follow that sign for the Blue Mountains Garry lad,,,,,,
(Pauline gave me the information for this bit of the trip, 3 sisters, chuff me,,,, I had 2 sisters at home i must be mad)
Ah the open road, nowt to it now Hilary just keep your eye on the signs......Penrith,Penrith, Hey thats where my best mates aunty Dot lives !!!!!! and we have to go through it to get to the Blue mountains, Hmmmmm I wonder, dare we visit, No we had no contact number anyway.
Got to Penrith and we stopped to go to the super market to fill up the fridge in the motor home...and a few tinnies too, The parking was a nightmare, yep a bloody nightmare !!!!!! I tried to park in a multi storey carpark that was not high enough for me to get the Mobile home into .........Great big sign that could not be seen from the road 2.1 mtr height ristriction Fxxxk the motor home was 2.4 mtrs high (thats what it said on the sticker on the windscreen), I could risk it and come out with a open top motor home ??????
best not. Not only could I not get the motor home in the carpark to get the bloody thing out,
I had to reverse out of the bloody carpark into the middle of some trafic lights that was on a dual carrage way, tempers got a little fraid here, 42 degrees it was......people shouting "get in mate and do a U turn", but there was no way was the Motor home going in and coming out the same height.
(thanks for the advice mate) Im shouting at the top of my voice in broad yorkshire "the vans too bloody high" (that was the censored version).
No the only way out was, yes, the way I came in !!!
I have to reverse out with my Hilary trying to stop the traffic or was she shouting stop to me ????
Bugger it get on with it Garry lad its the only way !!!!! so i did. I managed to stop all the traffic while I heard ozzy shouts of encouragement (I think) anyway after what seemed like 1/2 hour of trying to get out of the car park We did it...Hilary jumped in the motor home while still rolling with a red face an preceeded to give me an ear full for getting us into that situation !!!
Me, well I cursed my best mate Bob, it was his aunt Dot we were going to see !!!! his ears must have been burning, I cursed him and cursed him again for not being able to get the Motor home in or out of the mouth of the carpark.........not his fault but he seemed the best person to blame at the time.
"See no problems" I said to Hilary once back on the road (see im picking up the lingo now).
Finaly got a carpark with no height barrier and got parked.
Well once in the supermarket would you belive it,,,,the old moblie phone goes, its my mate Bob!!!!! God you have some bottle ringing me now mate I told him,,,,whats up he said ,so I told him about the parking, he just found it very funny.
Hey I said what you ringing me at this time its 12:30 pm back in the UK,,,,just wanted to know if you were calling at my aunty Dots......timimg eh. I told him we were in Penrith and he said , dont move !!!!! within 30 mins his aunty Dot was here taking us for a coffee and a beer, she did not even know me but becouse I knew Bob she could not do enough for me....Aunty Dot many thanks and we love you to bits.
Sorry i was digressing a little there.
Left Aunty Dot and headed for The Blue Mountains.
Bet it takes some parking Garry lad, bigger than what you think!!!!
just big enough for 2....and ive kept it clean.

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